We are VIER! – Julia Vedder
Julia Vedder, VIER Financial Accountant/Backoffice

"We are VIER!“ Today: Julia Vedder, VIER Financial Accountant/Backoffice, Central Services

What makes up Julia Vedder's everyday working life? Here she gives us an insight!

Hi Julia, since when have you been part of VIER?

I started in November 2019 as a mini-jobber alongside my self-employment and first increased to 15 and then to 25 hours. At the beginning, I was mainly involved in office organisation and accounting. With the merger to VIER, I then increased to 40 hours and gave up the other job.

You are a Financial Accountant/Back Office/Central Services - quite a lot! What do you take care of?

I work at the Hamm location and my area of responsibility actually includes everything to do with "invoices to our customers"! In addition, there is the administration of our contracts. And at the same time, I'm doing further training as a controller and creating the conditions to be able to provide even better customer and item statistics in the future. After all, reasonable evaluations are only possible with solid figures. At the same time, I am also responsible for office management in Hamm, have organised the move there, secure the coffee supply and much more.

What do you particularly like about your job?

I like order and structures, and am good with numbers. Ensuring well-functioning processes and creating fixed structures gives me great satisfaction. Small mistakes are often noticed late, but can have serious consequences. So I have to work with foresight and think around corners. Even though things typically don't move fast enough for me, this job is always a new challenge. So I train both my patience and my diligence. However, I like to deal with people, which unfortunately comes a little too short due to Corona.

What experience or skills from previous jobs help you in your work?

I worked in sales for a long time, which helps me a lot to look beyond the numbers. I know the pressure to succeed in sales only too well and therefore do my best to support my colleagues in their work. Often things have to be done quickly and the quality must not suffer. At the same time, I know how important kindness and nice words are, especially in stressful situations. Good contacts and positive experiences are the glue that holds everything together, also among each other. I therefore consider it my personal challenge never to lose my good mood!

If it were possible to stand without risk, completely safely and free of charge either on the highest mountain peaks or to travel to the abysses of the deep sea: which would appeal to you more?

A difficult decision: I have a diving licence and have wanted to go diving for a long time, but in the deep sea it is too dark and boring for me. I like the wide view and the sun, so I would choose the mountain tops!

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