We are VIER! – Shino Nemoto
"I am outdoors a lot, like here on the Gaislachkogl in Austria! Proper equipment is important for such hikes. Everything has to fit and work - just like in IT!" Shino Nemoto, VIER IT System Specialist

"We are VIER!“ Today: Shino Nemoto, VIER IT System Specialist

23 Feb, 2022 10:00

What does Shino Nemoto do as an IT System Specialist at VIER? Here is your answer!

Hi Shino, when did you join VIER?

I joined the team on 1 April 2019. But since all my teammates in the Cloud Operations team came after me, I'm actually already the longest-serving person in my team. Unbelievable!

You are a VIER IT System Specialist - what exactly do you do?

The Cloud Operations team is responsible for keeping VIER software running smoothly on more than 1,000 servers. We configure, administer and monitor the network, the hardware, the backups, operating systems - everything. Automation is very important here, because if we had to manage and configure everything manually, it would be fatal.

What do you particularly like about your job?

I particularly like the fact that new technology is always being added with corresponding possibilities for improvement. That is always a challenge!

What skills or previous experience help you in your work?

I used to work a lot with different Unix operating systems and the associated hardware. At that time, it was often difficult to find suitable documentation, so I had to learn from experience - that was sometimes painful, but instructive! At the end of the 90s I started with Linux. There are lots of documentaries and communities online, and I liked that. Since then I have been working with Linux privately and professionally. That's why I can assess operational risks in this area well and find a good solution to problems.

Where would you like to be locked up for a night without being noticed?

Oh, preferably in an outdoor shop like SFU, Globetrotter or Decathlon! I always visit such shops wherever I am, for example in Lisbon, Catania, Amsterdam ... In my free time, I love to go hiking, in the mountains or at lakes, and I love to choose and try on the appropriate clothes. I would love to do that for a whole night!

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