Faster replies and standardization of the service quality with email automation with VIER evolve assist


The Challenge

With regard to customer service, several goals were pursued by JUNIQE. First, the primary challenge was to optimise the first response time by answering customer requests more quickly. In this context, a standardisation of the quality of the answers by JUNIQE was to be achieved. On the other hand, JUNIQE needed a holistic solution to make the training of new customer service staff both more efficient and more sustainable.

The Solution

With the help of VIER, JUNIQE has been achieving the defined goals for optimisation in customer service since 2017. After the rapid integration into the ticketing system, the artificial intelligence was first trained with the customer service topics relevant to JUNIQE as well as other company-specific data. On this basis, the AI was able to correctly identify concrete topics and intentions in email requests after only a short time and independently issue action recommendations. This way, the JUNIQE customer service teams benefit from automatically generated reply suggestions and are effectively relieved when processing standard requests.


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