Call recording

Call Recording: AI analysis brings new insights

01 Jul, 2020

Voice recordings of service calls via the VIER engage ACD or the VIER engage Dialer can be automatically transcribed and analysed AI-based!

In order to analyse the voice recordings, standardised data fields are tagged in advance and the corresponding information is transferred. This subsequently enables the targeted sorting of the recordings and their analysis results - for example for marketing, sales, training, etc.

The automatic evaluation takes place, for example, with regard to important information such as greeting/farewell, emotion, concern, text compliance, corporate wording and competitive mention and quickly provides new insights into important factors such as call quality and customer satisfaction with regard to individual hotlines, locations or teams. Via a web interface, this information can be made available to trainers, coaches, team and project leaders or sales managers much faster than if the recordings were evaluated individually by employees. Instead, those responsible can identify training needs in no time at all, promote individual employees in a more targeted manner or recognise why customers actually call and what they really want. If you have any questions about the speech analysis of your call recordings, your VIER contact will be happy to help!

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