CEX Trend Radar 2022: CX is a recognised driver for entrepreneurial success!

CEX Trend Radar 2022: CX is a recognised driver for entrepreneurial success!

02 Feb, 2022 16:00

Customer Experience, is no longer just a trend and fad in marketing, but a recognised, business driver for more success in competition, this is shown by the results of the CEX Trendradar 2022, which VIER supports as a Gold Partner.

Customer experience has arrived in management! CX managers must therefore increasingly answer the question of whether and how customer experience pays off for the company. The interconnectedness of the topics is thus coming into focus, the hunger for data and insights is growing! However, this also means that the coordination effort between the responsible departments and involved stakeholders will increase. And the necessary networking of data, systems and processes will only succeed if employees work together across departments and disciplines. The topic of employee experience will therefore emerge strongly from its shadowy existence in 2022. Further results underline this development.

Identify relevant trends: The CEX Trend Radar

Since 2019, the CEX Trend Radar has annually described the most important developments in the field of customer management in the categories "People", "Process" and "Technology". It was developed by economist Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner and customer experience expert Harald Henn. The CEX Trend Radar is based on interviews with international technology, CX and finance experts, researchers at universities and future institutes as well as on public studies and, above all, on their own project experiences. From the multitude of trends, the most important technologies and instruments are evaluated and prioritised annually according to their current relevance for customer experience management.

VIER has been supporting the CEX Trendradar as a Gold Partner since 2022. As part of the partnership, VIER CEO Rainer Holler and VIER Head of Product Strategy & Marketing Ralf Mühlenhöver complement the CEX Trendradar panel. These around 50 experts discuss the current trends and debate their degree of maturity. "The CEX Trend Radar evaluates and prioritises the most important technologies and tools every year," explains VIER CEO Rainer Holler. "With the help of this ranking, companies are able to decide if and when a trend is really relevant for them and whether it is worth investing in a technology - or not!"

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