Runner Mukolauf 2021

VIER employees run for donation for cystic fibrosis help

19 Jul, 2021 15:00

The technology company VIER, which was formed in 2021 from the merged companies 4Com, voiXen, Lindenbaum, parlamind and PRECIRE, continued its commitment to cystic fibrosis aid in Hanover this year.

Once again, employees took the opportunity to get involved in a good cause on a Sunday in July and participate in the so-called Muko Charity Run. In the Muko run, kilometres are run/walked/walked to generate a donation to the "Mukoviszidose-Hilfe" in Hanover.

Nationwide participation

This year, VIER donated a whopping 10 euros for every kilometre run by its employees. Due to the pandemic, the event could not take place as a joint event on a sports field in Hanover as usual, but as an individual run for joint kilometres - which was even an advantage for VIER, because the run took place at all VIER locations nationwide. "The result is great!" thinks VIER Managing Director Rainer Holler. "More than 40 of our VIER-o-nauts took part and covered an incredible 383.6 kilometres together - which means that VIER will donate 3,836 euros to the "Muko-Hilfe" in Hanover this year!

Commitment that is urgently needed

Insa Krey, the organiser of the run, is particularly happy about this support, because the Muko run is also suffering from the pandemic and its consequences: "This year, the donations were unfortunately very low - some companies dropped out or no longer exist," explains Insa Krey. "Therefore, a very big thank you to all the runners from VIER for this super great support. I really appreciate it!"

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