VIER Semantic Intelligence

Detailed understanding of spoken and written content

Patented semantic analysis

Analysis of customer requests

How can you increase the quality of customer satisfaction surveys? How do you improve the analysis of customer requests? How can you respond quickly and efficiently to customer concerns? With VIER Semantic Intelligence!

Understanding concerns

Understand customer concerns on any channel and assign them to predefined business processes. ​

Extraction of metadata

Extract relevant customer data from the text, e.g. customer number, phone number, bank details.

Query database

Query content from any database, e.g. to enrich the process with existing customer data.


Review of the information received and attributed.

Auto-routing/ response/editing

 Automatic reply or automatic follow-up in case of missing information or forwarding of the request to the corresponding department or employee.

Processing assistance

Offering text modules, opening editing templates, etc. for quick, case-closing processing if case closure is not possible through full automation.

Natural Language Understanding

The patented semantic NLU for semantic text analysis is able to distinguish and understand the different meanings of the above phrases by replicating human mental semantics. This includes:

  • ... a knowledge representation that goes far beyond classical ontologies
  • ... the linking of all terms of a sentence by the NLU engine
  • ... the disambiguation of the terms of a phrase, whereby the meaning of sentences is clearly understood

Only in this way real text comprehension is possible – with the advantages for analysis, assistance and automation of processes in customer communication.

VIER Semantic Intelligence

Your benefits

The patented analysis of written and spoken language optimises customer communication from routing to case completion and helps to automatically control technology systems based on text or voice input.

Automation of routine tasks

Free your employees from repetitive, monotonous work and let the machine take over these tasks. This increases the employee experience AND the customer experience.

Integration into back- and front-end systems

With the open interfaces, you bring the results of the semantic analysis into your email system, your omnichannel platform or your chat modules. The simple transfer of data from existing systems (ERP, CRM, ... ) increases the performance of the overall solution.

Measuring and increasing customer satisfaction

Our NLU solution offers you a 360-degree view of your customers and thus the possibility to achieve a noticeable process optimisation in customer service. Identify the steps in the customer journey where you can still improve.

The computer as an assistant

Do you want to give your employees suggestions for the best possible response to the customer's concern? Understanding the concerns of your customers offers you exactly this opportunity.

Intelligent reporting

Evaluate daily big data, visualise it with flexible dashboards, and link Net Promoter Scores (NPS) with ratings from open mentions.

Analysis that truly understands

Do you understand the sentence "I hereby revoke the cancellation of the additional option of my contract"? The unambiguous interpretation of even complex statements, about which even humans can ponder, helps you to better understand your customers.