We are VIER! – Tobias Hoffmann
"I have a passion for deep house and techno and enjoy DJing on international stages - like here in Ibiza!" Tobias Hoffmann, VIER CISO

"We are VIER!“ Today: Tobias Hoffmann, VIER CISO

02.02.2022 16:00 Uhr

What is a Chief Information Security Officer responsible for at VIER? Tobias Hoffmann provides information!

Hallo Tobias, when did you join VIER?

I have been there since the end of June 2020. My first day of work was on my birthday. A very nice coincidence and a great gift!

You are Chief Information Security Officer - what exactly do you do?

I am responsible for ensuring the information security and cyber security of VIER and advise the management. My job is to bring people, processes and technologies together to achieve the best possible security. The range of tasks is broad: In practice, I not only deal with compliance, i.e. the legal requirements, but also conduct internal audits and penetration tests. In a figurative sense, you could call me a conductor or concertmaster who, on the one hand, brings about optimal interaction between all those involved and, on the other, actively plays in the front row.

What do you particularly like about your job?

The possibility of free development and creativity. In this way, I can participate in many processes in the company and leave a lasting mark on them. Not infrequently, this requires a high degree of resilience, the ability to compromise, as well as diplomatic skills - a recurring challenge that at the same time has its appeal.

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you?

Well, first I worked as an IT admin, then later as an IT manager. Afterwards, I dealt with the topic of data protection, so I first knew the practice and then the theory. Then came a change to the field of management consultancy. There I was able to gain a lot of different impressions from European-wide consulting for SMEs to multinationals. From there came the change to VIER. So I have had a somewhat untypical career. In retrospect, however, this is almost a blessing, because it helps me today to find pragmatic solutions.

What do you do when you are not on the job as CISO?

In my free time, I pursue my passion for electronic music, especially deep house and techno. I started as a DJ many years ago and now run my own successful music label called "Deep Stories". It's a great hobby! It allows me to get to know many countries and cultures while on holiday and to DJ on an international stage!

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