Gernot Feldhaus, VIER Business Development Manager
Relaxing during a break from cycling: Gernot with two of his three children - daughter Charlotte, 21, and son Maarten, 15.

"We are VIER!" Today: Gernot Feldhaus, VIER Business Development Manager

What does Gernot Feldhaus do as VIER Business Development Manager? We asked him!

Hello Gernot – how long have you been part of VIER?
I joined in August 2019!

You are a Business Development Manager – what do you deal with specifically?
Most of my working time is spent on winning new clients for VIER. In addition, I try to understand what we have specifically changed with our existing clients, i.e. KPIs, processes, etc., because this is relevant information for potential new clients.

What do you particularly like about your job?
I like to extract and understand the changes and improvements that have been achieved with our existing customers and to use these as arguments in the acquisition process. It's a pleasure to surprise prospective clients with this and ultimately get them excited about VIER.

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you in your work?
I like to get to the point quickly and don't dwell on long explanations. In this way, I am able to present even technology that requires a lot of explanation in a simple way and to put potential savings on the table in a short and concise way.

Is there a historical personality who has already died that you would like to have met?
Yes, indeed, I would have liked to have met the Greek philosopher Plato (428/427-348/347 BC). Among other things, he dealt with the question of how to obtain justified true beliefs and distinguish it from mere opinions. A timeless question that is always highly topical!

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