Jasmin Gerhard, Social Media Specialist
Jasmin Gerhard, Social Media Specialist

"We are VIER!" – Jasmin Gerhard, Social Media Specialist

What does Jasmin Gerhard do for VIER on social media? We asked her in an interview!

Hello Jasmin – how long have you been part of VIER?

I joined the team last October.

You are a social media specialist – what do you deal with specifically?

As part of the marketing team, I take care of VIER's presence on social media such as LinkedIn, XING/Kununu, Facebook, Youtube etc.. I make sure that our own topics get attention and reach, but also for interaction with partners and interested parties. At the same time, I motivate the VIER-o-nauts to be active on LinkedIn and to share a bit of VIER's everyday life with the world.
Through social media advertising, I reach people who don't yet follow us and can use other campaigns to encourage them to download white papers and the like, thereby generating leads for our sales team. I also support recruiting, e.g. in building a strong employer brand. An exciting field!

What do you particularly like about your job?

Social media is always evolving, algorithms and platforms are constantly changing, there is always something new around the corner that you have to adapt to and adjust your activities to. It never gets boring! In addition, we are a very dynamic team that is always exchanging ideas and providing input for new activities – that's what makes work fun!

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you in your work?

Before I came to VIER, I spent 11 years as a marketing manager at a regional telephone provider, where I was responsible for everything related to online marketing. I was able to completely build up the area there, and the experience helps me today because I feel like I've done everything before. 😅 

What do you like better: luxury hotel incl. spa at the Mediterranean Sea or camping with campfire in the Harz Mountains?

As an outdoor freak and camper, definitely the campfire in the Harz Mountains! But I'm happy to go without the tent, I'd rather roam the region in my van – it has a heater and a fully functional workstation. I love Scandinavia, last year I spent four weeks in Sweden, but I also like the mountains and the lakes of northern Germany. I like to paddle around for five to eight hours on my stand-up paddle board, climb peaks in the Alps or do other sports to get my energy up: The main thing is to be active and outdoors.

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