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"We are VIER!" Today: Kathrin Schneider, VIER Purchasing Coordinator

Kathrin knows VIER like the back of her hand – here she tells us how she works as a Purchasing Coordinator.

Hello Kathrin, how long have you been part of VIER?
I had to look that up myself just now: Actually, it's been 22 years in August. When I started at 4Com back then - one of the companies from which VIER emerged - we were just 12 employees. Now we're more than 220. As time goes by!

You're the VIER Purchasing Coordinator - what does your typical workday look like?
I'm essentially the lead in purchasing and I receive demand requests from various departments. My job is to process these as orders to our suppliers. I conduct price negotiations and also research new suppliers to potentially optimize supply chains. Additionally, managing the internal ordering process falls within my responsibilities. Everything from milk cartons to height-adjustable desks is included. So, a colorful array of tasks awaits me every day.

What skills or experiences from other jobs help you in your work?
I practically know our company inside out and have taken on various roles: from receptionist to solution architect to purchasing coordinator – there's a lot of knowledge that comes in handy time and time again. Additionally, my flexibility and openness make everything easier.

What do you particularly like about your job?
Above all, that no day is like any other. There are always new tasks to tackle. But due to my long tenure and broad knowledge, I also frequently get questions from different areas, like: "How do I configure the login for the customer survey software again? What do I need to do to only display the statistics?"

When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?
When I recently toured a traditional biscuit factory in Hanover. My eyes fell upon one of their older slogans: "Come to the other side – we have cookies"! But I generally laugh a lot – perhaps my roots in the Ruhr area play a part in that?