Mirco Tillmann, VIER Customer Care Supporter
Mirco Tillmann, VIER Customer Care Supporter

"We are VIER!" Today: Mirco Tillmann, VIER Customer Care Supporter

What does Mirco Tillmann actually take care of in his daily work? Here is an insight!

Hello Mirco – how long have you been part of VIER?
Since June 2021!

You are part of the Customer Service Desk and responsible for the topic of occupational safety – what do you deal with specifically?
Specifically, in the CSD we deal with customer enquiries about technical problems, technical faults, but also process quite a few service enquiries for our resellers and customers. My tasks also include training on the topic of workplace safety, assigning online training courses in the VIER Secova portal, but also recording and reporting workplace accidents. I work closely with the office management, but I also have other projects and topics that I take care of.

What do you particularly like about your job?
I particularly like the fact that I can use all my technical and human knowledge here and enrich everyone around me. The togetherness of the VIER community is very close to my heart. I love being there for my fellow human beings – whether colleagues, resellers or direct customers.

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you in your work?
On the one hand, it helps that I always try to have a 360-degree view of the entire company, including our customers. I owe this "view of the whole" both to my time as managing director of my own companies and to my time at Apple: at Apple, in addition to my technical tasks, I was also responsible for the topic of workplace safety.  Specifically, I looked after thousands of on-site employees from an open-plan office in Apple's European headquarters. And, just like at VIER, the topic of workplace safety was also very closely networked with the office and facility management of the Apple Campus. And as a matter of principle, I always seek a service-oriented and trusting dialogue. This applies to clients and resellers, but also to the VIER teams and locations.

So you've already lived abroad: did you notice any differences from Germany?
Yes, from 2014 to 2015 I lived in the Czech Republic, in Pohořelice near Brno, and from 2016 to 2019 in Cork, Ireland. One very interesting difference is that there is much less bureaucracy in Ireland than here in Germany, for example when it comes to citizen services or when it comes to taxes. But conversely, I have noticed: In Germany, when we ask someone how he or she is doing, in most cases we are really interested in the other person. In Ireland, on the other hand, "How are you?" is just a phrase.  So the mentality is very different from country to country.

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