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"We are VIER!" Today: Santa Cloud, VIER Head of Christmas Gifts

What does Santa Cloud do at VIER and what does he take care of? Since Santa did not install MS Teams, we called him.

Hello Santa, how long have you been with VIER?

From the very beginning, and even before that. I mean, the term "cloud" didn't even exist when I started. It was called "network-based", or "SaaS" - was that a car brand? I've forgotten. But then, I'm older. Although, by the way, the beard is dyed, you know, nice grandpa and all that. Actually, I have red hair.

Interesting.... You are VIER Head of Christmas Gifts - what do you deal with?

Like everyone else, I surf through Amazon, Saturn, Zalando and Conrad all day. I look at all the orders and wish lists and have the opportunity - albeit illegally - to look through all the returns. After all, I have to know what the VIER-o-nauts REALLY want. I also have other customers, but please keep that off the record!

Of course! What do you particularly like about the work?

Firstly, I don't have to think about what to wear. Red robe, cap, done. Three years ago I wanted to be hipper and asked people in hoodies what they wanted. Most of them put a euro in my hand and sent me to welfare. I can't work like that. And secondly, my eco-balance is great. A lot more can fit in a truck than in a sleigh, and it's warmer and more comfortable than with the reindeer in the stable, but of course no one is interested in that... Is there actually a tape running as we speak?

Yeah. Uh, no. So just a little bit. What experience and skills from previous jobs help you?

I used to work as a barman. That was when there was only the Christkind. If you knew what that looked like without gold tinsel... Well, people told what wasn't working in their lives, so practically everything. At the time I thought: Great opportunity to sell more drinks! But it's better to help than to profit from misfortune. At least that's what my employment contract says. Since then, I've been on the road as a gift-giving grandpa, travelling from the North Pole to Hamm, Hanover, Berlin and Karlsruhe. A lot of kilometres for the reindeer. Very lovable creatures, gentle eyes, highly sensitive. Did you know that the females also wear antlers? When you feed them, you have to be very careful that they don't...

Yeah, yeah, I got it. How do you manage not to get older?

Just like you: Not at all.

Thank you. And assuming you were not VIER Head of Christmas Gifts: What would you wish for yourself for Christmas?

More time for Netflix. And a Thermomix from Amazon that I could send back with the reason "Totally failed as a lawnmower!!!". Sorry, but I'm really stressed right now, the new federal government's wish list stretches from here to Flensburg. Can we talk on the phone again this summer?

Fortunately not.

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