We are VIER! – Susanne Feldt
Casual look with a difference! "As a journalist, I actually find everything interesting, especially topics I know nothing about!" Susanne Feldt, VIER Corporate Communications Manager

"We are VIER!" Today: Susanne Feldt, Corporate Communications Manager

01 Nov, 2021 12:00

What does communications specialist Susanne Feldt do at VIER? She told us.

Hi Susanne, when did you join VIER?

I joined in 2012, before that I worked as an editor for a CC trade magazine. So I've known VIER and the previous individual companies that joined together to form VIER for a long time.

You are a Corporate Communications Manager, what do you do specifically?

I write a lot! Especially press releases, texts for newsletters, for the website, case studies about our clients, mailings, brochures, blog posts and much more for marketing. But VIER's internal communication is also my thing. I also love to record announcements for our clients' hotlines.

What do you particularly like about your job?

That's beyond the scope. But I particularly enjoy interviewing my colleagues for the "We are VIER!" column!!! I find it great to learn private things about colleagues with whom I have little to do professionally. And very often I am thrilled about the great hobbies, interests and characters that come to light. There are really exciting people working here at VIER!

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you?

As a trained editor, I naturally have an affinity for text and like to write and edit quickly. Thanks to my previous work as an editor for a contact centre magazine, I have also known the market for over 20 years.

What would your ultimate dream house look like?

Rather small and old, with wooden beams, sloping ceilings, white mullioned windows and a wonderfully overgrown front garden. And in any case with a view of the Baltic Sea! You can find something like that on the Schlei or on the eastern shore of the Kiel Fjord.

Where do people meet you outside of work?

Antique, flea and jumble markets are a great place for me. And sometimes, through my partner, I have the opportunity to visit construction sites for locks, bridges, ship lifts and weirs. That is totally impressive and a completely different world. Then I climb around on long ladders and muddy boardwalks with my helmet, waistcoat and safety shoes and notice how immediately the journalist in me comes through. I want to know everything. And the people in charge on site are always delighted that someone is interested in them and their work. Wonderful!

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