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Artificial Intelligence with voice and hearing

VIER gives voice and hearing to ChatGPT

VIER, German specialist for communication technology and intelligent customer dialog, has become the first technology company worldwide to develop a commercially available telephone interface to ChatGPT. Based on the APIs and plug-ins that OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has been offering for a few weeks, VIER's further development now allows the chatbot to be used even better for customer service applications in companies.

The interface to ChatGPT at VIER Cognitive Voice Gateway (CVG), which is now available, enables companies to automate their telephone customer service in a whole new dimension. Very easily, they can integrate internal, specific company knowledge, for example from manuals, FAQs and other sources, and combine it with ChatGPT's knowledge. The configurable rules about prompts then dictate, for example, that the corporate knowledge is prioritized higher and wins over the 'world knowledge' of ChatGPT in case of doubt. In addition, thanks to ChatGPT's large knowledge pool, callers can be pre-qualified without training the chatbot and routed to the right human expert advisors, for example in the areas of returns, service or accounting. ChatGPT plugins can also be used to connect backend systems. In practice, this means that VIER's AI-supported voice solution CVG is in service dialog with customers and their responses are improved via ChatGPT.

"We are thus shaping a revolution in customer consulting and experiencing automation in a completely new dimension," explains Ralf Nikolai, VIER Product Owner. "With minimal effort, our customers can formulate prompts for the respective purposes and provide qualified advice to their customers with a chatbot." This means that end customers have immediate access to qualified specialist information, without annoying telephone waiting loops. Companies can optimize consulting and make it more efficient. Employees have more time to focus on advising customers, solving individual inquiries, developing innovative services and working out specific offers.

Various potential applications for ChatGPT-supported customer consulting

In Germany in particular, the telephone remains the channel most frequently used by customers to companies and service providers, even if other sources of information, such as online-based inquiries, are possible. In addition, wherever you want to have both hands free, for example in the event of a car breakdown, the telephone is the most convenient solution for inquiries. Thanks to smartphones, it is also almost always available. Voice is usually the easiest and fastest way for customers or business partners to achieve their goals.

Use cases for the new combination of AI-supported customer service are, for example, services around the car: In the case of questions to insurance companies about legal protection abroad, in the case of pre-qualification of damage reports or even in the case of a car breakdown or a battery change, a ChatGPT enriched with specific data can quickly help.

Due to the conversation possibilities in ChatGPT, however, completely new applications are also available that can be provided by companies in a very short time - without special programming. Telephone instructions for craftsmen on a construction site on the use of certain machines are just as possible as virtual travel guides with which travel providers inform their customers about sights at the vacation destination. Entirely new applications are also possible, such as AI-based language teachers, interactive storytelling, a voice-controlled fitness trainer or mental health support.

Proven response quality

The quality of the answers can be checked by another AI when a chatbot is used on the phone. Specific prompts help to ensure that only the right information is passed on. If in doubt, the AI can call in a human expert if the questions are too complex. It then recognizes which department is responsible and routes the customer to an appropriate advisor.

Beyond the use for voicebots, ChatGPT-based AI solutions from VIER can be used for many other use cases, e.g. to pre-formulate email responses that are then reviewed and finally routed by a clerk, which significantly streamlines their work.

Together with customers, VIER works out the appropriate application and implementation of specific ChatGPT bots in innovation workshops, which can then start immediately. "The results so far exceed our expectations," says Ralf Mühlenhöver, VIER Head of Product Strategy and Marketing. "The answers are precise and very fast, even when customers ask for tricky details, don't use technical language, or correct themselves again during the request. In the future, this new extension of existing chatbot solutions will revolutionize customer service. We're making it possible for customers to simply talk to ChatGPT and access an almost infinite pool of knowledge beyond specific company knowledge."

More information about VIER Cognitive Voice Gateway

About VIER

VIER is a leading technology provider in the DACH region and currently employs around 230 people at its five locations in Hanover, Aachen, Berlin, Hamm and Karlsruhe. VIER GmbH was formed in 2021 from the merger of the companies 4Com, Lindenbaum, parlamind and voiXen. The software provider with its own cloud infrastructure has data centers in Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Singapore. VIER develops and operates AI-supported software systems for efficient customer communication and handling of business processes. VIER uses patented methods for speech analysis, emotion analysis and the automated evaluation of content. On the VIER technology platform, the company orchestrates communication, dialog and transaction processing with its partners. For more information, visit

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