VIER Smart Dialog

VIER Smart Dialog revolutionises call processing with talking ChatGPT bot

A large proportion of customer enquiries are still made over the telephone. In order to be able to answer these queries automatically and intelligently, VIER released the product "VIER Smart Dialog" on 13 June 2023. For this purpose, the powerful bot ChatGPT from OpenAI was connected to the "VIER Cognitive Voice Gateway", which has already been used to implement over 200 voicebots with various conversational AIs.

Listening, speaking and understanding

With VIER Smart Dialog, the automation of telephone customer service reaches an unprecedented dimension and quality. By connecting ChatGPT with VIER Cognitive Voice Gateway, it is possible to talk to ChatGPT and enter into a real dialogue. The integration of VIER Smart Dialog into the contact centre is seamless via different interfaces.

Prompts ensure the desired, correct answer

In order to be able to provide their own end customers with well-founded and qualified telephone support via the voicebot according to the company's internal knowledge, companies only need the prompts specialised for their own application. The formulation of the appropriate prompts requires little effort – VIER supports its customers in this. As a result, callers have immediate, automated access to specialised information – without the hassle of being put on hold. The use of VIER Smart Dialogue reduces staff workload, ensures a qualified 24/7 service and lowers the average handling time (AHT) of calls.

Through large language models and advanced AI capabilities, VIER Smart Dialog even provides personalised customer experiences by analysing customer data and responding to the specific needs of callers.

VIER Smart Dialog makes the difference

In order to provide technically correct, qualified answers to customer enquiries, it is very easy to integrate the company's internal knowledge from manuals, user instructions, FAQs and other sources, for example, and combine it with the so-called world knowledge of ChatGPT. In addition, companies determine when the internal knowledge should dominate the world knowledge, so that the caller is given the specific answer desired by the company instead of a general answer.

Tip: Companies that simultaneously use the contact centre software VIER engage can easily extend the ACD functions with the possibilities of LLMs.

Benefits of VIER Smart Dialog in customer service

  • 24/7 availability: Companies are able to provide immediate qualified answers to customer questions by phone around the clock.

  • Cost savings: The need for manual working hours is reduced, while accessibility and service quality increase.

  • Scalability: VIER Smart Dialog can be easily adapted to seasonal peaks or a sudden increase in requests.

  • Increased efficiency: Staff have more time to focus on complex enquiries while the voicebot answers frequently asked questions.

VIER Smart Dialog is available for existing and new customers since 13 June 2023.

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