T.D.M. enhances quality


The Challenge

For T.D.M., the challenge has always been that the spoken word is fleeting and it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. For this reason, the provider clearly opted for the recording and analysis of telephone calls. On the one hand, this ensures that the implementation of the company motto "Quality in Dialogue" remains transparent to the client at all times, and on the other hand, this procedure allows for easier coaching of the employees.

The Solution

Quality in dialogue plays a major role at T.D.M.. VIER makes it easy to see that terms or content important to the client are mentioned in the conversation and that the company's image is conveyed to the client in personal contact. The relevant passages in the recorded conversation can be found quickly using the full-text search function of VIER Interaction Analytics. And if there is ever any uncertainty as to whether customers really agreed to the sales contract on the phone, this can be easily traced thanks to VIER Interaction Analytics. What works with target words also works with taboo words. VIER Interaction Analytics thus ensures that phrases with positive and negative potential can be put together in a targeted manner. On this basis, the customer approach can be continuously adapted and improved. The graphic representation of the worst and best cases also makes it possible to see at a glance where there is actually a need for training. This way, the random findings of the past are replaced by well-founded and user-friendly data.

VIER Interaction Analytics also gives clients full transparency, as they can view the quality parameters themselves via the web interface. And T.D.M. can clearly demonstrate text reliability.

In daily customer contact, it is not always possible to prevent a conversation from escalating if a customer is very dissatisfied with a product or service. But thanks to VIER Interaction Analytics, it is now possible to create full transparency for clients and show them how often, when and even why a conflict has escalated. In addition, team leaders can coach employees so that they learn how to handle stressful situations better and avoid problems in the future. This helps to improve the communication skills of the staff in the long term and thus contributes to one of the most important goals of TDM. 

About T.D.M.

The company, based in Sarstedt near Hanover, is a contact centre service provider. A total of 400 employees, over 300 of them in the customer contact centre. Here, calls, emails and chats are handled for clients from different industries. Customer service is based on three pillars: coaching, production and order management. Quality plays an essential role in this medium-sized company. Quality measurement and assurance is carried out using quantitative and qualitative methods. For example, service levels, lost calls and average call times are recorded. In addition, personal coaching is carried out on the basis of call recordings as well as an automated call analysis with the help of VIER.

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