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Emotion Analytics: More than words!

19 Oct, 2021 16:00

Successful communication is a decisive success factor for every company. Understanding the impact of communication therefore provides important clues to potential for improvement - whether in customer service, sales, marketing, human resources or management.

Entire transformation processes are built on understanding consistent values and goals. This is where Emotion Analytics comes into play. Because words have an effect: they shape our reality, thoughts, emotions and relationships. The effect goes beyond the content: it is also shaped by formal language patterns. Every person has an individual communication style, a familiar, preferred and quite stable pattern of behaviour. This includes formulations, typical words, terms, idioms, word combinations, length of sentences etc. We sometimes grasp the communication pattern of a person we know well even if we do not hear or see him or her at all - and thus relevant parts of the communication are omitted - but the communication is in writing. It is not uncommon for us to say "I could hear his/her voice while reading". How do I communicate? We ourselves are usually not aware of our typical communication style. It is like our own voice: those around us know it, are familiar with its sound. We do not hear ourselves. And if we do, it seems strange. Looking at our own communication style is also apt to surprise us. It is good to remember that it is not the sender, but the receiver who decides which message is received and how.

Now there is a way to objectively measure and better understand the impact of our own language. In this way we can communicate in a more targeted way, create understanding and convey what we want to get across.

More than words

In the current article "More than words!" by Philipp Grochowski, VIER Business Development Manager, published in the Swiss trade journal cmm360, you can learn more about the opportunities of communication analysis for personal development, recruiting, customer service, sales and the optimisation of the entire corporate communication!

Do you have any questions? Contact VIER expert Philipp Grochowski for a no-obligation consultation at!

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