Tell us, Harald Henn: Why should call centres not only think about their customers?

Why should call centres not only think about their customers?

The competition for qualified employees, talents and young professionals is tough in Germany. Contact centres often come away empty-handed, with vacancies remaining unfilled. So it's time to focus on the employee experience.

Since the Corona pandemic, employees are increasingly scrutinising their employer. And this is no longer just about pay. Rather, it is about values and corporate culture, leadership behaviour and freedom. The criteria for choosing an employer have therefore expanded considerably. Contact centres, however, have traditionally focused on the customer: Excellent customer service is good for business, satisfied customers buy more.

All right, but all too often the workforce has fallen by the wayside, and many call centres are losing valuable employees as a result. Conversely, this means that if you want to keep your skilled workers, you should offer them as many positive experiences and impressions as possible - today this is called employee experience. It is an important lever for employee satisfaction and thus loyalty to the company.

Leadership, demand, motivation

The fact that you can work from almost anywhere is, for example, a lesson that very many have learned and enjoyed. It is expected that this flexibility will prevail. Companies that cannot or do not want to keep up will lose out in the long run. Fun and motivation are also important aspects for an excellent employee experience. This includes appropriate leadership by superiors who encourage and challenge their staff and give constructive feedback on performance: Where are there blind spots in communication? Where do they overhear or overlook customer opinions? Where are employees particularly good at communicating and can help others?

Wrong software as a motivation killer

For work to be enjoyable, the right software is also needed: a software that does not optimally support the work because inputs are cumbersome and tedious, where the user guidance is lacking, is a motivation killer and can lead to massive dissatisfaction. Having to concentrate hard just to master the system can even make you sick and is definitely not useful in terms of attentive, caring customer service! It is therefore worthwhile to take a look in several areas in order to meet the desire for lived leadership, motivation and promotion.

Author: Harald Henn

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