VIER enrich

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"In addition to the high availability of the service, Schlegel und Partner appreciates the data storage in Germany and the competent support directly from VIER." Schlegel and Partner


VIER enrich

Added value

Since 1999, VIER has been successful on the market as a leading telephone conference provider. With VIER enrich, you simply set up your conference call via your account and participate from anywhere. In doing so, we focus on various security aspects.

Brilliant speech quality

Speech quality is our top priority. Among other things, the volume of the various participants is equalised on our servers and unwanted noise is automatically filtered out.

Flexible participant management

In the participant list you can always see who is currently taking part in the conference call. You can easily limit the number of participants at any time.

High security

Each conference call is secured by an individual access code. You can easily change the conference access data at any time.

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