Conferencing: 5 tips for choosing the right solution

03 Dec, 2020

As a result of the measures taken against Covid-19, conferencing solutions have finally become accepted, business trips are no longer the standard. Web and video conferencing are the new "normal"! To communicate reliably and above all securely, you need the right solution. VIER shows what is important!

Tip 1: Look for "Made in Germany"

Data should only be stored in data centres in Germany. These are subject to the requirements of the GDPR, the German Data Protection Act and the Telecommunications Act (TKG). Also make sure that the provider is registered with the Federal Network Agency as a provider of telecommunications services. You can find trustworthy providers located and developed in Germany, for example, at the "Cloud Services made in Germany" initiative.

Tip 2: Ensure that you have all-round protection

As in a face-to-face meeting, only those who have been invited should be present during conferencing. To avoid uninvited guests and prevent cyber-attacks, data transmission should be encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security), the standard for secure internet connections.

Tip 3: Look for additional security features

Access to a conference should be by invitation or access code only. Links contain cryptographic strings instead of plain text so that the identifier cannot be guessed. Other security features are also important, such as:

  • Participant list so you can see who is in the conference
  • Additional security code
  • Number of participants can be restricted
  • Conference can be locked
  • Easily changeable access codes
  • One-time valid access codes

Tip 4: Use HTML5 instead of Flash®

Adobe Flash® has had its day! As it has proven to be a constant security risk in recent years, a conference solution should do completely without Flash®. Instead, use HTML5 to display presentations easily and comfortably.

Tip 5: Benefit from strong hardware

If in doubt, it should be possible to operate the conferencing hardware in-house at your own premises instead of in the cloud (on-premises procedure).

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