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How to give ChatGPT a voice and increase customer satisfaction in calls

The extremely powerful AI chatbot ChatGPT is the talk of the world – but what are the benefits of using it specifically in customer service? In general, AI contact centre technology can provide better customer experience, shorter AHT, higher efficiency and lower costs, among other benefits.

Key business drivers for AI usage

What we already knew: without AI, nothing works in the customer centre. In the future, new products integrating ChatGPT will ensure we stay competitive.

For example, ChatGPT's capabilities can be used to analyse conversations (e.g. to identify common customer concerns) and summarise them in writing. It can assist agents by answering emails based on predefined sources (e.g. FAQs on websites). The topic becomes even more exciting when it comes to telephone contact with customers. After all, almost 70 per cent of all customer enquiries in Germany are still made over the phone – and now there is a solution for this, too! VIER has connected ChatGPT to the VIER Cognitive Voice Gateway (CVG).

ChatGPT and VIER CVG as a voicebot capable of dialogue

With the connection of VIER, ChatGPT now has a voice and the ability to answer telephone enquiries! With the interface from VIER CVG to ChatGPT that is now available, companies can automate their telephone customer service in a whole new dimension. Through this integration, end-customers have the opportunity to speak directly to the bot and enter into a dialogue with it.

Internal, specific company knowledge can be integrated very easily, e.g. from manuals, FAQs and other sources, and combined with the knowledge of ChatGPT.

Rules on prompts then dictate, for example, that company knowledge is prioritised higher than "world knowledge", so it wins in case of doubt. In addition, thanks to ChatGPT's large knowledge pool, callers can be pre-qualified without training the chatbot and routed to the right human expert advisors, e.g. in the areas of return deliveries, service or accounting. ChatGPT's recently available plug-ins also allow easy access to customer-specific systems. In practice, this means that VIER's AI-powered voice solution is in service dialogue with the customer and their responses are enhanced via ChatGPT.

ChatGPT and CVG revolutionise customer advice on the phone

VIER is thus creating a revolution in customer advice and enabling automation in a completely new dimension. With minimal effort, clients of VIER can formulate prompts together with us and then provide qualified advice to their own end clients via a chatbot. This means that end customers have immediate access to qualified expert information, without having to wait in an annoying telephone queue. Companies can optimise their consulting services and make them more efficient. The service employees have time to focus on customer advice, processing individual enquiries, developing innovative services and preparing specific offers. The integration into the contact centre is seamless via various interfaces.

We are looking forward to your requirements!


Ralf Nikolai
Ralf NikolaiProduct OwnerVIER GmbH
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