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Are assistance solutions the key to happy customers and employees?

Contact centre employees have to be true all-rounders. Empathic in dealing with customers, always up to date, fast and efficient in using the applications, stress-resistant, etc. The requirements have increased in recent years and will probably increase even more in the future.

AI-based technologies such as chatbots do help to automate homogeneous, simple tasks and provide relief. But the result of this automation on one side means for the other side: the remaining requests, calls, emails are complex and demanding. This is good news for service staff – after all, who wants to announce account balances 45 times a day? However, in our fast-paced and dynamic world, the remaining complex and demanding tasks cannot be handled without support for the service staff. And this is where assistance solutions like VIER Copilot come into play.

Assistance through AI

Assistance solutions support contact centre staff by providing relevant information, guidance and support in real time. VIER Copilot enables AI-based dialogues with humans. It recognises the customer's intent, makes recommendations on queries and provides answers from a central knowledge base. And VIER Copilot can transcribe calls in real time, transfer data to CRM systems and suggest ready-made answers to the agent. This allows agents to manage calls more confidently and focus on resolving complex queries. The technology is usefully deployed as an integrated part of CCaaS platforms and is typically triggered by keywords and phrases.

NLU and NLP form the foundation

Assistance solutions are therefore small digital helpers that access databases or the CRM system to support the dialogue, call up the appropriate data record and even learn from past interactions. The solutions take over the monitoring of all calls. They provide information or suggest next steps even before the employee asks. The solutions use the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recognise customer intentions and the moods of employees and customers in real time.

Highly efficient and human at the same time

Assistance solutions and automation make contact centres highly efficient while still taking into account the human factor. Contact centres are able to distinguish the type of call, understand the context, adapt the response and take the right direction to resolve the caller's concern. The solutions also use the feedback from employees to improve themselves. In addition, such solutions have a positive impact on agent training and coaching.

Your benefits using assistance solutions

  • Increased customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate responses to customer queries through AI-powered assistance solutions.

  • Time and cost savings through dynamic recommendations for action, the immediate provision of context-related, individual data from relevant systems and the display of suitable knowledge modules even during the conversation.

  • Increase sales through a deeper customer relationship with cross- and upselling opportunities.

  • Better training and coaching through AI-supported feedback and intelligent suggestions in real time for employee support.

  • Faster and error-free documentation of call results and automated summary in CRM.

You never walk alone!

Agent assistance solutions form an extremely fast-growing area that can and will permanently change the contact centre industry. By automating repetitive enquiries, providing faster, more personalised and accurate responses to customer queries, and improving staff training and coaching, these solutions will help increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Employees can tackle demanding tasks with the peace of mind that comes from having a little digital helper in the background. You never walk alone!

Harald Henn
Harald HennManaging DirectorMarketing Resultant GmbH
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