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AI-based training bots optimize onboarding and coaching.

Training bots in focus: Personal development with AI

Reflection, training, and coaching are key aspects of both personal and professional development. AI-based solutions, known as training bots, offer fascinating new opportunities here and also assist in onboarding new employees.

To be human is fascinating, shaped by a myriad of thoughts, emotions, and sensory experiences. It's astonishing that we have consciousness at all. This leads to the question: what might life feel like for other beings? We share our thoughts, emotions, and experiences through language.

Reflection and neutral feedback
However, our individuality influences how we use language and interpret it in specific events and situations. These interpretations can vary greatly depending on the situation, mood, and other factors. An email that seemed unfriendly yesterday might appear entirely different after "sleeping on it". Therefore, it's crucial to reflect regularly and become aware of how we behave and interpret behaviors. But who helps us in this reflection? Who provides feedback and supports us in personal challenges? Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a revolutionary role here: an objectively trained AI can identify individual "blind spots" and patterns and highlight development potentials, acting as an available coach and sparring partner at any time.

In practice: Training and coaching with a bot
Such an AI-based coach analyzes behavior, creates personalized learning scenarios, and dynamically tracks progress during training. This allows for adjusting feedback and content accordingly. What does this look like in practice? Here are a few examples:

Training bot: This voicebot specializes in providing guidance and support for professional training programs through verbal interaction for a wide range of administrative professions. It can deliver course content, offer practical exercises for applying this knowledge, provide performance feedback, and answer questions about the training materials. Its focus is on knowledge transfer and skill development, making it an ideal tool, for example, for the onboarding phase or when introducing new processes, products, or services.

Coaching bot: The coaching bot aims at personal development and performance enhancement by engaging employees in motivational conversations and providing strategic guidance. Unlike the training bot, the coaching bot focuses on psychological and strategic aspects of performance improvement: boosting confidence and problem-solving skills, stress management, setting personal goals. The bot provides personalized feedback based on performance metrics, suggests areas for improvement, and generally fosters a mindset towards greater professionalism and personal development.

Task-oriented bot: This bot is specifically designed to prepare call center agents for specific tasks such as debt collection calls or sales pitches through targeted simulations and interactive scenarios. It offers a realistic training environment where employees can learn all necessary skills and techniques. The bot simulates various customer types and scenarios, thus broadening the agents' experience. Additionally, the bot provides tips and strategies to increase success rates in challenging situations, such as dealing with difficult or dissatisfied customers. AI analyzes employee performance and identifies personalized improvement and development plans. It also provides immediate feedback on speech modulation, word choice, and conversation management.

When AI-based bots are used openly and inspiringly, they can prepare users for almost all everyday communicative situations, support them, and point out nuances that would otherwise remain hidden by their own subjective perception. This leads to a better understanding in all areas and departments of a company.


Philipp Grochowski, VIER Lead Expert Emotion Analytics
Philipp GrochowskiVIER Partnermanager AI VIER GmbH
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