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ChatGPT hears, understands and speaks: a dream of a telephone service!

Channel diversity has been considered the top premise for contemporary customer service for seemingly ages. But in fact, the majority of customer enquiries are still made by telephone in 2023. Speaking is and will remain the fastest way to express oneself. The problem: dealing with telephone enquiries is personnel-intensive and sometimes difficult to plan.

In order to be more efficient on the phone, the industry has already tried many things, but this mainly ends up forcing the enquirer into other channels – workaround instead of solution. But the rapid development of AI has reshuffled the cards here, too. With ChatGPT, it is suddenly possible to actually answer telephone enquiries automatically, without just covering FAQs. More is possible – and even much more.

The almost genius little helper behind this is the connection of ChatGPT with the VIER Cognitive Voice Gateway, a product that turns chatbots into voicebots. The smart dialogue has it all: callers are understood and have immediate, automated access to relevant specialist information around the clock, just like in a real conversation – only without being put on hold. VIER Smart Dialog reduces staff workload, ensures qualified 24/7 service and lowers AHT. Through large-scale language models (LLMs) and advanced AI capabilities, FOUR Smart Dialog even provides personalised customer experiences by analysing customer data and responding to the specific needs of callers.

Prompt Engineering brings magic powers

But how do you get a bot to tell you exactly what a customer wants to know from the company, such as which descaler is the right one for washing machine XYZ? To prevent the voicebot from getting lost for hours in generalities about the function of washing machines, companies only need the specialised prompts. Never heard of them? No problem, we'll do it together and without much effort. After all, "prompt engineering" is the actual magic potion that gives the voicebot its powers. And if you still don't believe that it works: Just give it a try.
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Ralf Mühlenhöver
Ralf MühlenhöverHead of Product Strategy and MarketingVIER GmbH
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