Olav Strawe (l) und Ralf Mühlenhöver (r) Hafners CX Podcast: Episode 6 – a new player in customer service management
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Hafners CX Podcast about VIER

Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner and Harald Henn talking to our founder Olav Vier Strawe and Ralf Mühlenhöver, Head of Product Strategy & Marketing in "Hafner's CX Podcast: Episode 6 - a new player in customer service management".

Learn more about the reasons for the merger of the five companies 4Com, Lindenbaum, parlamind, voiXen and PRECIRE as well as the strategy behind VIER. Why Silicon Valley plays a major role in this and why context and dialogue belong inseparably together.

Join us on a 40-minute journey through time: from the call centre manual to AI-controlled contact centre technology, because Olav Vier Strawe has been dealing with the topic of communication technology since 1993. You will learn a lot of personal details and the business idea behind VIER.

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