New opportunities, old mistakes? Do you use AI in human potential?

New opportunities, old mistakes?
Do you use AI in human potential? "Nope!"

In times of a noticeable shortage of skilled workers, it takes courage and innovative spirit to explore new paths – and that also means looking into the use of artificial intelligence. But how willing are people to do this? VIER asked HR professionals at the "Zukunft Personal Europe" trade fair.

"What is AI all about, anyway?"

First question: Are you already using AI in the HP sector? The most frequently heard answer was: "Nope!", closely followed by the counter-question: "What is AI all about anyway?". Both prove that both the term AI itself and the possible AI fields of application are often not known and understood. In order to fully utilise the immense potential in the HR sector, initiative and openness to new things are needed.

When two find each other: AI & Human Potential

ZP Europe 2022 trade fair stand

Second question: How do you recognise the development potential of your employees? The collected answer stickers prove - see photo - that the personal conversation and observations in everyday life are still the top sellers for recognising development potential and making recommendations. The fact that there are complementary, AI-based possibilities was both new and interesting for many respondents.

As an interim conclusion: The innovative possibilities that AI offers the HR sector still need to be communicated - but can then unfold their full potential!

Because AI offers more than enough opportunities and food for thought in this area: for example, individual recommendations can be made more precise and objectively substantiated via VIER Emotion Analytics. The patented solution is scientifically based and able to objectively measure the effect of language - spoken and written. It thus supports companies, for example, in the context of job advertisements, in the recruiting phase and in recognising employee potential.

Training, Sales, Recruiting

The scenarios for different training formats are also exciting: Even if some swear by personal coaching, self-learning or webinars have their advantages: With the AI-based solution VIER Evaluation, for example, employees use a learning environment with which they can recognise and optimise eight main effects of their own communication. They receive answers to questions such as: "As a team leader, do I communicate confidently, optimistically, calmly and goal-oriented? Or: "Do my advertising emails create the effect that is suitable to increase sales success? Or, "Do our job advertisements really appeal to those I want to reach and who are a good fit for us?" Possibilities upon possibilities that noticeably support the area of Human Potential and its representatives.

The authors:

Ralf Mühlenhöver - Head of Strategy and Marketing - VIER GmbH
Ralf Mühlenhöver Head of Strategy and Marketing VIER GmbH
Sarah Rickes - Sales Manager - VIER GmbH
Sarah Rickes Sales Manager VIER GmbH

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