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Change of name: PRECIRE Technologies is now called VIER Precire!

23 Jul, 2021 11:30

Since mid-June 2021, the language analysis provider PRECIRE Technologies GmbH, Aachen, has been operating under the new name VIER Precire GmbH, based in Hanover.

VIER Precire GmbH is the legal successor of PRECIRE Technologies GmbH, which means that all contractual relationships with customers, partners and suppliers remain unchanged! The company continues to be managed by Managing Director Rainer Holler, who also manages VIER GmbH, Hanover.

VIER Precire supports companies and individuals wherever language is used. The core of the company is a self-developed, innovative and patented technology that makes communication measurable in its holistic effect and specifically applicable. As an "impact specialist", VIER Precire combines psychological insights with artificial intelligence in its software.

Unique impact analysis

The impact analysis, which is unique on the market, recognises complex interrelationships in language and objectively measures their effect. As a result, it is possible to optimise communication and thus make it more effective. Often it is only small words and phrases that need to be replaced to create more clarity and achieve the goals of communication. With the software from VIER Precire, the effect of language becomes a measurable success factor. This opens up new possibilities for intelligent, individualised and efficient interaction.

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