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The EU AI Act imposes requirements on companies using AI. The VIER AI Gateway ensures compliance with these requirements!

VIER AI Gateway: Use AI legally compliant, easily and transparently

With the implementation of the AI Regulation (EU AI Act), extensive requirements apply to companies using a variety of AI solutions such as chatbots, voicebots, email automation, document processes, and more. Sounds complicated – but it doesn't have to be! With VIER AI Gateway, a solution is now available that allows companies to use a wide range of generative AI models quickly, in a legally compliant, and transparent manner.

The use of generative AI is already an excellent opportunity for many companies in Germany to automate processes, relieve sales, marketing, and service through bots, or speed up document processing. However, up to now, the data used is often openly handed over to the generative AI or its manufacturers (for instance, in the USA). Companies are also dependent on the manufacturers for guardrails, i.e., the constraints that limit the use of an AI solution within specific guidelines, and they cannot implement their own requirements or restrictions. Additionally, it is difficult to understand, let alone verify, which data is used and what costs arise from which bot usage.

"However, with the introduction of the AI Regulation, the pressure is increasing to ensure safe, verifiable, and transparent AI use, where data is protected and usages are logged," explains VIER CEO Rainer Holler. "With VIER AI Gateway, this is now possible – easily and effortlessly!"

Extensive Features Make Legally Compliant, Cost-Optimized AI Simple

VIER AI Gateway offers extensive capabilities for the legally compliant use of AI. It acts as an intermediary (middleware) between various enterprise applications, such as email automation, chatbots, voicebots, automated document creation/processing, social media apps, or other custom applications, and the different generative AI models. The following features are available:

A unified API provides access to the various AI models through an API compatible with that of the market leader, OpenAI. This means any application that previously accessed OpenAI models directly can be easily switched to secure usage via VIER AI Gateway. Additionally, companies can switch from OpenAI to other models like Google's Gemini without making changes to their applications.

AI Selector regulates the selection of the most suitable AI model for the application and enables cost-optimized model usage. VIER can also recommend appropriate models for different use cases, drawing on the expertise of its own research department.

AI Profiles is used for profile management. Companies can set up AI profiles to control access to AI models for departments, users, or applications. This allows precise cost allocation and documents the usage.

Logging/Audit Trail handles detailed activity logging, ensuring traceability for companies as required by the EU AI Act.

Dashboard provides transparency. It offers an overview of the usage of various AI models and their allocation to different departments and applications within the company.

Privacy Manager protects personal and other relevant company information that should not or cannot be shared with an AI, such as customer names, birth dates, etc. For processing requests containing such data, the information is anonymized or pseudonymized before being passed on to a generative AI.

Guardrails are the central tool for defining and enforcing policies that a company must follow when using AI models. These guardrails increase the reliability of responses and prevent undesirable statements and hallucinations.

Analytics enables comprehensive analyses of AI usage across various applications by different company departments.

Stress-free AI process automation without risks

"We are incredibly proud to launch VIER AI Gateway, a comprehensive yet user-friendly solution for legally compliant and transparent AI usage that is unparalleled!" commented VIER CEO Rainer Holler on the commercial launch of VIER AI Gateway. "Companies of all sizes and industries now have the opportunity to benefit stress-free from the tremendous possibilities of AI process automation without taking risks," Holler continued. "VIER AI Gateway offers all the relevant features concerning legal compliance, data protection, transparency, and traceability that AI manufacturers do not provide. This brings significant advantages for companies and their customers, massively increasing the attractiveness of AI and the willingness to apply and utilize artificial intelligence!"

VIER AI Gateway is now available!

Author: Susanne Feldt