VIER runs for donation for Mukoviszidose e.V.

VIER runs for donation for Mukoviszidose e.V.

After two years of Corona, the "cystic fibrosis charity run" in Hanover could now take place again for the first time as a joint on-site event on the Hasenheide sports field.

Committed runners from the technology company VIER also took to their heels and ran for a hefty donation in their Sunday free time for the good cause.

At the Muko run, kilometres are run/walked/walked - documented by rubber bands on the arm - to generate a donation to the cystic fibrosis support in Hanover. The donations raised at this event will go in full to "Haus Schutzengel", a parents' and patients' hostel near the MHH. The house relies on donations for its ongoing operations. "The event has suffered greatly in the past two years from the effects of the pandemic," explains VIER CEO Rainer Holler. "Many companies that used to take part have dropped out or no longer exist at all. Therefore, the commitment of VIER is particularly important!" The success is all the more beautiful: on a sunny, pleasantly warm Sunday, the runners from VIER achieved a whopping donation of 1,000 euros for the benefit of the association!

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