Cognesys becomes part of VIER GmbH

Cognesys becomes part of VIER GmbH

VIER GmbH acquires semantic software specialist cognesys GmbH

VIER GmbH, headquartered in Hanover, acquired the majority of the Aachen-based software company cognesys GmbH, thereby strengthening its product range in the areas of semantic analysis and process automation.
cognesys develops software products that analyze calls emails, messages and texts. The company has been pioneering intent and sentiment recognition for customer service applications. "The semantic solutions from cognesys are a perfect addition to VIER's innovative product portfolio", valued VIER CEO Rainer Holler the acquisition. As a technology company, VIER processes millions of contacts per month with its cloud-based software solutions for contact driven business processes.

Perfect addition for AI-based speech analysis

VIER uses AI technologies to analyze natural language, assist in the processing of customer service requests and automate processes to free employees from repetitive tasks. cognesys developed and patented a language analysis process based on cognitive science research, combining language psychology, brain research and computational linguistics. This method enables a detailed understanding of natural language and written content. It is used in the analysis and automated processing of high volumes of customer service requests.
"The combination of machine learning-based AI from VIER and the patented, rule-based semantic analysis from cognesys enables a new quality in the recognition of customer concerns", explains Rainer Holler the advantages of the merger. cognesys founder Dr. Bernd Schönebeck adds: "This opens up semantic intelligence on a more granular level not achieved before."

Leading provider for semantic intelligence is created

The acquisition turns VIER into the leading provider of language analysis and semantic intelligence in the German speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. VIER is the only supplier able to offer corporate customers a new breed of semantic intelligence solutions, with an improved analysis leading to a better understanding of the customer. "We are expanding our speech analysis capabilities becoming the provider with the broadest portfolio for conversational AI technologies!" affirms Rainer Holler.

VIER Cognesys remains in Aachen

Cognesys will continue to operate in Aachen, now as part of VIER, managed by Dr. Bernd Schönebeck and VIER CEO Rainer Holler. "Based on our technology and our growing customer base, we will continue to expand our market position", says Rainer Holler, "we made an important step closer to our goal of developing VIER into the leading European provider of contact-driven business process technology!"

About VIER

VIER is a European technology company based in Hanover with development sites in Berlin, Karlsruhe, Hamm and Aachen. The company develops and operates AI-supported software systems for efficient customer communication and customer service processes. VIER technology use patented methods for language analysis, emotion analysis and automated content evaluation. As a software provider with its own cloud infrastructure, VIER operates data centers in Germany, Switzerland, the US and Singapore. Large telecommunications companies, utilities, financial service providers and logistics companies rely on VIER to handle their contact-driven business processes.

About cognesys

The software company cognesys GmbH was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the RWTH Aachen University. The company develops voice and text-based software applications that recognize and extract customer requests to initiate their autonomous processing.

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