AI-based VIER Copilot supports in customer service

The efficient processing of customer concerns ensures positive customer experiences and is thus a fundamental factor for business success. The AI-based automation solution VIER Copilot offers completely new possibilities here, supports processing in real time, reduces AHT and lowers the error rate.

Intelligent assistance solutions are the key to mastering the current challenges in customer service. They ensure not only faster, but also simpler and more reliable processing of customer concerns. To this end, VIER Copilot uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools, especially for dialogue analysis. VIER Copilot recognises customer concerns and automatically records names, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. in real time. In addition, Copilot supports the employees during the processing, for example by providing recommendations for actions, product information or suggestions for solutions.

This is what VIER Copilot achieves

  • Real-time transcription: The tool transcribes the words spoken on the phone, displays the transcription in real time in the VIER engage Professional Client and automatically recognises relevant data and elements (Named Entity Recognition), such as the customer number or name, as well as intentions (Intent Detection), for example the complaint about a product. This recognised information is graphically highlighted on the display and can be easily transferred to other systems for further processing. With VIER Copilot, it is also possible to automate the processing of recognised elements or intents. The advantage: Employees can, for example, search for the customer contact using the invoice number and suggest solutions from knowledge databases without having to search for them specifically.

  • Recommendations for action: VIER Copilot already gives concrete recommendations for action during the call, takes over plausibility checks and thus raises service staff to a completely new level of competence. For example, connected CRM, ticket or ERP systems are searched for suitable information fully automatically and in real time. The results are immediately available to the employees. Copilot can, for example, provide useful information on orders, suggest other products, compare delivery times or suggest solutions to problems.

  • Wording help: Copilot can automatically read the text of an email or chat message before it is sent and suggest linguistic and content-related improvements based on AI. VIER Copilot also analyses the emotional state of the conversation partners live in the call or chat and helps to avoid escalations.

  • Automatic case protocol: VIER Copilot reduces the post-processing time through the fully automatic creation of the case protocol including a call summary. This is stored in the previously recognised client record and is also available for future processing.

Benefits of VIER Copilot in customer service

Using VIER Copilot reduces follow-up time by up to 100 per cent and AHT by up to 50 per cent. The time saved frees up agents to handle more complex enquiries, such as complaints management, and to take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Here too, an increase of up to 40 per cent is possible. The automatic transfer of transcribed information also significantly reduces the number of errors that need to be corrected. VIER Copilot integrates seamlessly and fully automatically with other VIER solutions and products, such as VIER engage ACD and Cognitive Voice Gateway.

The AI-based solution VIER Copilot has been available since mid-June.

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