CEX Trend Radar 2023: Troubled times for customer experience!

CEX Trend Radar 2023: Troubled times for customer experience!

01 Feb, 2023 12:00

For the fourth time in a row, the CEX Trend Radar describes the most important developments in customer experience in the categories "People", "Process" and "Technology". And this year, VIER is once again a business partner and supports the CEX Trend Radar with insights into technology development and exciting customer projects such as Helvetia Germany.

The CEX Trend Radar, developed by Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner and Harald Henn, is based on interviews with international technology and CX experts, researchers at universities and institutes, as well as studies and, especially, project experience. From the multitude of trends, the most important technologies and instruments are evaluated and prioritised annually according to their current relevance for customer experience management. It thus forms a perfect orientation aid for the work of your company. "The CEX Trend Radar helps to quickly decide if and when a trend is relevant, whether customers are ready to use the respective technology or tool and how new business models may arise," sums up VIER CEO Rainer Holler.

Current trends influenced by crises

The CEX Trend Radar shows: The topic of customer experience is currently navigating in rough macroeconomic waters. Accordingly, CX trends in 2023 are clearly shaped and overlaid by inflation, global crises and a change in consumer behaviour. This has visibly led to setbacks in CX initiatives, especially where the benefits have been poorly communicated, for example. Here it can be seen that the strategic view and the business assessment were often lacking in advance. This is especially true for solutions that focused almost exclusively on the introduction of technology.
And while some developments were much slower than expected – for example, CX innovation management – the dynamics of other topics were much more noticeable than predicted, especially in the area of conversational automation.

2022 was turbulent, 2023 will be dynamic

Customer Experience has to prove itself in the hard everyday life of a company, according to the authors of the CEX Trend Radar. Isolated tactical measures have been integrated and must fit into the strategy. The CX strategy thus becomes a game changer. Strategy beats tactics. Accelerated by the business environment, good CX strategies will open up new opportunities for companies in the crisis in 2023.

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