Data Center Singapore

The new VIER Data Centre in Singapore goes into operation

21 Jul, 2021 13:00

To enable VIER's customers and their users in the Asia-Pacific region to make optimal use of its cloud-based solutions, the technology company VIER opened a new data centre in Singapore at the beginning of July 2021.

This means that the products VIER engage, VIER evolve and VIER enrich from the areas of Contact Centre, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Conferencing & Cognitive Technology are available throughout the APAC region, for example in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and China. "We started with VIER enrich for highly scalable conferencing managed by human operators," explains Maarten Kronenburg, Head of International Partner Management at VIER. "The other services will follow shortly!" VIER's offer is aimed in particular at large companies from the financial sector, the medical sector and government institutions.

Practical feature reduces effort

"There are not many cloud service providers offering contact centre and conferencing services in the APAC region, and certainly not at the high level of quality that we can provide," emphasises Ralf Mühlenhöver, Head of Product Strategy & Marketing at VIER. "Given the significant demand for our cloud services, we are therefore very pleased that our suite of services is now available through the Singapore data centre!"

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your VIER contact person or use our contact form.

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