VIER enables real-time biometric voice authentication on the phone

VIER enables real-time biometric voice authentication on the phone

With VIER Cognitive Voice Gateway, VIER enables voice authentication on the telephone. Corresponding recordings are available almost in real time during calls.

With voice recognition based on biometric features, VIER offers a simple, fast and secure alternative to the usual complex authentication procedures, such as user names and passwords. Companies that offer to carry out sensitive transactions or provide sensitive information over the phone often use such procedures - but customers often do not have them immediately at hand, which significantly delays the processing of customer concerns. Powerful authentication based on the respective voice provides a solution here and speeds up the processing of sensitive transactions, for example in the financial sector.

Customers thus use a quick, simple and secure authentication of their person without having to remember complicated passwords and number sequences. Instead, they simply use the recording of their voice. This makes the use of telephone services, for example via voicebots, even more attractive.

Secure, fast identification optimises processing

Voice authentication is carried out by recording the voice of the customer in advance. This recording of the voice is then available almost in real time during the conversation. Such a "recording snippet" can be used both for the enrolment process in a voice authentication system and for the actual authentication of the caller - even via a voicebot! The combination of voice with a knowledge-based question is currently one of the most secure authentication methods and is already replacing the username/password combination that has been common for a long time in many companies. "VIER thus enables the problem-free use of various voice authentication services in telephone calls by making recordings of the customer's voice available in near real time and during the call," explains VIER Product Owner Ralf Nikolai.

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