CEX Trend Radar 2022

VIER pushes CEX Trend Radar 2022 as gold partner and supplements expert panel

18 Oct, 2021 09:00

In 2022, the technology company VIER will become a gold partner of the "CEX Trend Radar" developed by economist Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner and customer experience expert Harald Henn, which annually ranks and describes the most important developments in the field of customer management in the categories "people", "processes" and "technology".

As part of the partnership, VIER CEO Rainer Holler and VIER Head of Product Strategy & Marketing Ralf Mühlenhöver join the CEX Trend Radar panel. These around 50 experts discuss the current trends and debate their degree of maturity. The CEX Trend Radar is based on interviews with international technology, CX and finance experts, researchers at universities and future institutes as well as public studies and, above all, our own project experiences. From the multitude of trends, the most important technologies and tools are evaluated and prioritised annually according to their current relevance for customer experience management. It helps companies to quickly decide if and when a trend is relevant for them and their customers, whether customers are ready for the use of the respective technology or tool and how new business models may arise.

"As an agile, innovative company, we are committed to visionary action ourselves!", confirms VIER CEO Rainer Holler the decision to become a gold partner. "We are constantly discussing deployment scenarios and feasibility of visionary ideas - and we are also familiar with surprises. Therefore, we are very excited to be able to contribute our many years of expertise and market understanding to the CEX Trend Radar!"

CEX Gold Partner VIER GmbH

VIER GmbH was formed in 2021 from the merger of the companies 4Com, voiXen, parlamind, Lindenbaum and PRECIRE. The about 200 specialists in communication technology have combined their years of expertise and in-depth knowledge to form VIER. VIER rethinks customer dialogue and sees itself as a pioneer for the future of intelligent, communication-driven work. VIER's solutions and products improve the customer experience and the user experience. VIER combines artificial with human intelligence, expertise with intuition, years of experience with innovation and research. Whether in service, sales or administrative work: VIER's intelligent solutions analyse, assist and automate contact-based business processes in all industries.

CEX Trend Radar creators Harald Henn and Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner are enthusiastic about the new partner: "As CEX Trend Radar, we already had very good contact with most of VIER's predecessor companies," says Harald Henn. "Each excelled as a specialist for its own area and by merging these specialists into VIER, VIER now addresses several trends of the radar at once. So we are more than happy to have gained VIER for our mission!" Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner adds: "It is of great importance that the CEX Trend Radar is supported by innovative companies in particular. This will give the significance of the CEX Trend Radar another important boost!"

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