"We are VIER!" Today: Varun Khambra, VIER Software Developer

What does Varun Khambra do in his day-to-day work as a software developer at VIER? Here are his answers.

Hi Varun, since when have you been employed at VIER?
I became a part of VIER on February 1, 2022, stepping into the role of a frontend developer. My timing coincided with the „VIER Basecamp“, providing me with a valuable opportunity to connect with and get to know numerous colleagues. This initial experience instilled in me a warm and welcoming feeling, nurturing a sense of belonging within VIER. Since then, my journey has been nothing short of incredibly exciting and rewarding. I am genuinely delighted to be a member of this dynamic and innovative work culture. It's a place where I not only enhance my skills and knowledge as a developer but also undergo personal growth.  

You are software developer – what´s your daily work?  
As a frontend developer, my daily responsibilities extend beyond coding. They revolve around creating, implementing and enhancing user interfaces for our applications. In collaboration with the design and business team, I actively participate in gathering requirements to ensure the implementation of a seamless, visually appealing, and intuitive user experience. This process ensures that the user interface aligns perfectly with the client's vision and business objectives. Additionally, I closely collaborate with backend developers to integrate frontend and backend components, guaranteeing the overall functionality of our applications.  
Furthermore, my routine includes crucial tasks such as debugging, testing, and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. Beyond individual tasks, I engage with other project team members to provide support on issues and promote a culture of pair programming. This collaborative approach cultivates a sense of community within the R&D department, fostering a supportive environment where continuous learning and mutual assistance are prioritised. 

What do you particularly like about your job?
One aspect I genuinely love about my job is the perpetual drive for innovation and problem-solving. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities that demand creative solutions, fostering continuous learning and growth. What I admire most is the camaraderie within the project team — a space where ideas flow openly, active support is extended, issues are resolved collaboratively and every team member's input is genuinely valued. Moreover, another aspect I find particularly rewarding is the dynamic collaboration with diverse individuals and teams. Working closely with different people and teams not only ensures the alignment of our technical efforts with the company's goals but also injects a diverse perspective into the creative process. I take pleasure in contributing innovative ideas to enhance the quality and user-friendliness of our applications. Furthermore, witnessing tangible results when users interact seamlessly with the interface is incredibly satisfying, underscoring the impact of our collective efforts.

What skills or experiences from other jobs help you at work?
Prior to joining VIER, I accumulated valuable experience by engaging in diverse projects across various domains, including ERP systems, banking, wealth management, export and packaging. Working with different technologies in various roles and capacities has endowed me with a well-rounded skill set. These experiences provided me with a solid foundation in modern frontend technologies, a proficiency I apply in my current role. Furthermore, exposure to different work environments has heightened my adaptability. My experience in agile methodologies and project management facilitates effective collaboration with cross-functional teams, ensuring a holistic approach to our projects. Additionally, my skills in problem-solving, analytical thinking, and effective communication have proven essential in our fast-paced development cycles.

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In fact I have a deep affection for the German Christmas market! Hailing from India, where festivals and celebrations are integral to our culture, the Weihnachtsmarkt offers a distinct and heartening experience. One aspect that resonates with me is the unique blend of a warm and inviting atmosphere. The market becomes a sensory delight, featuring some of my favourites like „Feuerzangenbowle“, „Kartoffelpuffer“and „Fladenbrot mit Schafskäse“. As I stroll through the market adorned with lights and decorations, it creates a wonderfully cosy ambience. The joy is multiplied when I gather with friends and family at the Christmas market or join colleagues for post-work outings, adding a touch of warmth to the cold German winters. A cherished highlight is exploring the Altstadt section of the Christmas market, engaging in activities like axe throwing and revelling in live music. It's these moments that make the German Christmas market a truly enchanting and memorable experience for me.