Complex routing, call and email processing from the cloud


The Challenge

ADAC consists of 18 legally independent regional clubs. Approximately 1.000 employees work there in telephone service for their members: "With half-time employees and employees in the home office, we reach around 270 full-time equivalents," explains Carlos Niester from ADAC. The ADAC's goal is to connect callers with a staff member as quickly as possible, which results in highly complex routing: "A call is first delivered to the regional club from which it comes. If no one is available, it goes to the service centres in Frankfurt or Cologne. Then we try to connect it to a nationwide overflow group, followed by the waiting area of the responsible regional club. If that is not possible either, two more special overflow groups remain, including all of the office staff," Niester outlines the procedure. If this is also unsuccessful, an announcement is made asking them to call again - but this is to be avoided. Every month, about 350,000 calls are handled in this procedure - the accessibility should therefore be improved. "The decisive factor," says Carlos Niester, "was that there was only one provider who could include an unlimited number of destinations one after the other in the routing - VIER!" 

The Solution

The complex, upstream routing was the starting point for the cooperation with VIER. Since 2010, all 18 clubs have been integrated into the multi-location call distribution with the cloud-based ACD from VIER engage. The inbound solution is supplemented by the dialer. This is used at three locations for telephone caller recovery. By coupling the dialer with the ACD, callback processing is also successful, whereby the ACD automatically sends the person calling back to the correct group and displays the correct data record.

With VIER engage, ADAC has also automated the cross-site processing of its written requests. "Every month, around 2.500 car insurance applications are received via a web form," explains Carlos Niester. These applications are distributed directly from the system to the clubs for processing based on a member key: "So a club that provides 14 percent of the members receives 14 percent of the applications!" ADAC's service performance is continuously ensured by VIER's call recording.   

In order to statistically evaluate service performance and service quality, weekly productivity reports are created in which call numbers, call times, break times and service levels are visually displayed. 

About ADAC

ADAC offers its members services and products relating to mobility. It has a federal structure and consists of the ADAC e.V. and the 18 legally independent regional clubs. ADAC offers its members help, protection and advice - also by telephone and e-mail. To make this work, a networked, cross-channel and multi-location complete solution from the technology provider 4Com from Hanover is used. 

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