Hannoversche Versicherung

Phone service and campaigns inbound and outbound with VIER engage


The Challenge

"Up until the end of the 1990s, contact with our customers was still mainly via letters and faxes," remembers Markus Richardt, Team Leader Direct Sales Life & Service at Hannoversche. "Of course, we had a physical ACD system in house, but just a handful of employees were involved in telephone customer care." That changed thoroughly. With the growing telephone volume, the limits of the ACD system became noticeable and replacement inevitable. Since then, VIER engage's cloud-based ACD has been able to keep up with every leap in capacity of the insurance company's telephone service without any problems! 

The Solution

Hannoversche carries out about five major advertising campaigns for insurance products per year. In addition, there are frequent mailings to existing and new customers. In order to process the response and for cross-selling and upselling, our employees are available by telephone from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m." explains Markus Richardt. The insurance company's priority here is to ensure that callers reach the right contact person as quickly as possible. "To ensure this, we also use different incoming call numbers for different advertising measures. This makes it easier to evaluate the advertising success."   

In addition, outbound campaigns are carried out with existing customers who, for example, have shown interest in certain topics and products during previous contacts. These outbound calls are initiated with the help of the ACD.  

The goal is to always complete each client's request, including comprehensive advice, individual needs analysis and an offer: "This means that our calls can sometimes take longer," explains Richardt. VIER engage provides statistical data such as call duration, service level and availability, etc., which are also used for forecasting. 

About Hannoversche Versicherung

Hannoversche Lebensversicherung AG is the most experienced direct insurer in Germany and is part of the Hanover-based VHV Group. The performance promise is: "Hannoversche. Simple. Better. Direct."

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