Together into the digital future with SIP trunk technology: Plusnet and VIER cooperate

Together into the digital future with SIP trunk technology: Plusnet and VIER cooperate

VIER, a leading German provider of AI-powered customer communication, is now using scalable, SIP-based voice connection with 8,000 channels from Plusnet to connect business customers.

As of now, the Cologne-based telecommunications specialist Plusnet is making its Voice-over-IP technology available to the technology company VIER. With flexible IP telephony, VIER now has up to 8,000 channels available for the numbering needs of business customers. VIER's customers include well-known companies from a wide range of industries, including EnBW, Plusnet's parent company.

"VIER has been setting new standards in intelligent, inspiring customer communication, made in Germany, for years. We are therefore very pleased to be able to contribute our knowledge as an all-IP pioneer and our scalable telecommunications solution to this partnership. This is a great task," explains Bert Wilden, Managing Director Sales at Plusnet GmbH.

As a German All-IP pioneer, Plusnet has been managing more than 250,000 active SIP connections for years. From the single-user solution, for example in the home office, to the central telecommunications system for companies with several locations, the SIP trunk solutions and their voice channel capacities can be scaled flexibly and according to actual needs. Apart from the simple switch from the classic telephone network, SIP trunk users benefit from attractive price and tariff models with per-second clocking and optional flat rates.

SIP trunk technology for digital customer communication of the future

As a leading German software company in the field of AI-powered customer communication, VIER specialises in intelligent customer dialogue. For this purpose, VIER uses patented methods for speech and emotion analysis and automated evaluation of content using artificial intelligence to make the handling of business processes more efficient. "With our solutions, we analyse, assist and automate contact-based business processes in all industries. As a pioneer in the field of intelligent, digital customer communication, we offer other specialists like Plusnet the opportunity to lead interesting projects to success together and to scale our solutions for our customers in the best possible way," says Rainer Holler, VIER CEO.

About VIER

VIER GmbH was formed in 2021 from the merger of the companies 4Com, Lindenbaum, parlamind and voiXen. Today, VIER is a leading technology provider in the DACH region and currently employs around 200 people at its four locations in Hanover, Berlin, Hamm and Karlsruhe. The software provider with its own cloud infrastructure has data centres in Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Singapore. VIER develops and operates AI-supported software systems for efficient customer communication and handling of business processes. VIER uses patented methods for speech analysis, emotion analysis and the automated evaluation of content. On the VIER technology platform, the company orchestrates communication, dialogue and transaction processing with its partners.

About Plusnet

Plusnet GmbH, an EnBW company, is a German telecommunications company with its own nationwide network infrastructure and decades of experience in operating all broadband technologies. In addition, Plusnet operates third-party networks including all network-related services and the entire product and customer management. Based on its comprehensive know-how, Plusnet provides reliable and highly secure voice and data services to more than 25,000 business customers in Germany. Plusnet has around 400 employees at ten locations in Germany. Its headquarters is located in Cologne.

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