Face-to-face at last: VIER celebrating amazing annual kick-off

Face-to-face at last: VIER celebrating amazing annual kick-off

After 770 days of Corona-related distance and virtual meetings, the technology company VIER celebrated a colourful reunion with its now over 200 employees at the end of April.

The three-day "Basecamp" annual kick-off meeting in Hanover celebrated, among other things, the significant increase in turnover of the company, which has continued to grow despite the pandemic.

In addition, the new "VIER Guiding Principles" were presented and a "Charter of Cooperation" was created by the entire staff. "Our goal was to build the new WE, and thus the new VIER. And that in the truest sense of the word!", comments VIER CEO Rainer Holler on the joint creative work, during which, among other things, numerous cheerfully colourful Lego brick models grew into the sky.

In addition to a lot of work, there was also a big "Hello!": "Since we have achieved a staff growth of more than 10 percent in each of the two Corona years, many new employees were able to meet their colleagues in real life for the first time," says Rainer Holler. The highlight of the event was finally an elegant evening event à la "Casino Royale", in the course of which even the last gambling chips were successfully lost to the bank. "The atmosphere was great and we enjoyed finally being together again!" sums up Rainer Holler. "Our merger of five companies into one can thus finally be considered `successfully completed`. We are super proud, because not many companies manage to do that under these circumstances!"

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