Virtual agents

Virtual Agents: Dialogue optimisation through training


Last update: 23 Mar, 2021


By integrating the VIER Cognitive Voice Platform with the VIER speech analysis, text-based bots can be optimised based on conversation recordings so that natural dialogues are possible with them.


Bots can therefore be trained in a similar way to humans. On the one hand, speech analysis can be used to identify the important topics for customers. In addition, voicebots can also be improved in terms of conversational competence, for example when too many and too few pauses are detected analytically. Because unlike chatbots, voicebots are expected to respond quickly. With the help of sentiment analysis, it is even possible to recognise that a conversation is developing negatively - in which case an employee can intervene. The VIER platform combines the use of phone calls with text-to-speech, speech-to-text and conversational AI.

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