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VIER Emotion Analytics is based on psychology combined with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Psychological Language Processing (PLP) and Machine Learning. It decodes speech in text form and provides fascinating insights into the interaction of personality, communication and behavior. The software draws an objective picture of customers, applicants and other conversational partners. It opens up new paths to support and automate intelligent, individualized and efficient human-human and human-machine interactions.

PRECIRE API workflow


Every person has a different mindset and an individual way of expressing oneself. In every moment of our lives, communicational behavior influences our way of thinking and, consequently, affects all areas of our lives.

VIER Emotion Analytics is a technology, which identifies patterns in speech to derive linguistic, psychological and communication-related features. These predictions are then processed to provide high, measureable added value in various business areas where the communication and behavior of persons is relevant.

To keep our reference data as psychologically substantiated as possible, we continuously foster our scientific foundation. Numerous internal and external validation studies ensure the correctness of our development processes. Our Scientific Advisory Board actively supports and promotes the development of the technology.


VIER Emotion Analytics breaks up speech into a myriad of tiny digital elements, our so-called features. Within these high-dimensional spaces, it identifies language patterns, which are used to apply machine learning based on psychologically substantiated reference data.

The software can make precise statements about the communicative impact of speech, about various kinds of emotions and about the linguistic competence of a person. In aggregated form, these results can be used to understand the motives and attitudes of groups of people.

For developers

Are you a developer? Then contact us to discover our APIs and tinker around with them. You can either generate psychological results for texts, generate high-dimensional features for texts or start telephone interviews and pull the corresponding results asynchronously after they have been generated. We look forward to hearing from you!

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