Mühlenhöver says: Automation as a recipe for success for people in a hurry? Nonsense!

Automation as a recipe for success for people in a hurry? Nonsense!


Last update: 16 Aug, 2022 10:00


Bots are seen by many companies as an inexpensive way to automate the processing of customer concerns and thus reduce personnel costs. So hurry up and save money!?


Sorry, completely the wrong idea. Many customers have learned that bots are by no means always the best way to quickly resolve customer concerns. But sometimes they do break customer loyalty quickly.

Anyone who takes their customers and thus customer service seriously knows: a bot is neither cheap nor quick to introduce, at least not if it is supposed to provide real support and not just scare away customers. Please take note: Automation is not an end in itself and does not necessarily lead to a better customer experience. Automation is no help if basic processes do not work. How often does intelligent routing fail? Press "one"...

A bot is fast and handles simple, frequently recurring requests without grumbling or sick days, check! But it cannot do what a human can: Understand problems, recognise and correct errors, handle complex issues. An AI-based bot is a tool that must be used wisely and precisely. On its own, it can't do anything, or it just ruins everything. Bots are useful when they optimise the handover between humans and machines and combine the strengths of both worlds - seamlessly across all channels. Whether automation is successful or not depends on the right use case. This requires a precise analysis of the necessary steps within the process chain. The introduction of bots can then - and only then - lead to significant optimisation of service performance if time and work are invested beforehand. Therein lies the true concept for success. Keep that in mind!


Author: Ralf Mühlenhöver

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