Mühlenhöver says: Focus on the employee experience!

Mühlenhöver says: Focus on the employee experience!


Last update: 05 Jul, 2022 14:00


CEX Trend Radar shows impressively: Customer Experience has arrived in management!


CX managers must now increasingly answer the question of whether and how CX pays off for the company. The interconnection of the topics is thus coming into focus, the hunger for data and insights is growing! However, this also means that the coordination effort between the responsible departments and involved stakeholders will increase. But the necessary networking of data, systems and processes will only succeed if employees work together across departments and disciplines! The topic of employee experience will therefore emerge strongly from its shadowy existence in 2022 - and should therefore also become more and more of a topic for those who have not dealt with it so far. After all, the employee experience has a direct impact on the customer experience - and that's something that concerns us all, isn't it?


Author: Ralf Mühlenhöver

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