How does emotion analysis work and what do my customers have from it??

How does emotion analysis work and what do my customers have from it?

Language and emotions make up the majority of our lives. Join us on a journey behind the scenes and learn how emotions are analysed today and what you can use these insights for.

The range of emotions goes from sky-high to deathly sad. A broad field, in other words. Precire has taken on this challenge and analysed the topic in one of the world's largest combined studies on artificial intelligence and psychology. Over 39 million pieces of data were analysed and categorised.

VIER Emotion Analytics by Precire uses more than 20 validated modes of action from this: Positive, philosophical, competitive, goal-oriented are some of them. But what influence do they have on me as an agent or on my client?

(Agent's) life benefits

Every coin has two sides and every CX also consists of two perspectives: agent vs. customer. As an agent, I want to have a confident, goal-oriented and positive effect on the customer on the phone. But is that how I am perceived through my choice of words? Does my team meet the emotional requirements of a particular hotline? To do this, use the flip side, the second point of view, and mirror the customer's emotions. If the two match or even complement each other, we create an emotional customer experience that will be remembered.

Start from the beginning!

Tip: Use the emotion analysis already in the application phase of your employees! Do the candidates fit into the team? Do they fit the requirements of the hotline? Nothing is worse than realising after weeks of training that it won't work. Or the new colleague is bored, underchallenged, had other expectations and has already sent his or her resignation. Would your customers like to meet this employee with their problem? So it's not a win-win situation!

Let's stay with the image of the second perspective: let the AI take one of them. And do this as early as the employee selection stage. Your customers will thank you and look forward to an emotionally rich customer experience.


Sarah Rickes - Sales Manager - VIER GmbH
Sarah Rickes Sales Manager VIER GmbH

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