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Adam Brune, User Interface Designer

"We are VIER!“ Today: Adam Brune, User Interface Designer

13 Sep, 2021 11:00

What does Adam Brune as User Interface Designer do at VIER? We asked him!

Hello Adam, since when have you been part of VIER?

I have been here since October 2004.

You are a user interface designer – what do you do?

As a user interface designer, I am responsible for the design and development of our programme interfaces. I design the user interfaces of our solutions, think about a good and uniform user guidance and then implement the whole thing technically. In addition, I support our marketing as a graphic designer. The tools I use for this are graphics software and classic development tools such as Visual Studio Code and Git.

What do you particularly like about your work?

I like the variety and the wide range! Designing new features, creating a presentation or trade fair wall, editing videos – no two tasks are the same! I also like the fact that I work with colleagues from different departments.

What skills or past experiences help you?

Even at school, I took art and maths as performance subjects, did a lot of photography and spent my free time in the darkroom. And it is precisely the combination of design, analytical thinking and technology that fascinates me.

What do you like to do on your holiday?

Spending lots of time with my family, discovering new things, enjoying nature, preferably on my bike.

Which super power would you like to have?

We don't need superpowers, we need heroic deeds!

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