Alexander Golembek, VIER IT System Specialist, with his partner Lea.
Instead of university: Alex with partner Lea at the Mediterranean Sea. Life happens!

"We are VIER!" – Alexander Golembek, VIER IT System Specialist

What does Alexander Golembek actually do as a VIER IT System Specialist? We asked him!

Hello Alex – how long have you been part of VIER?

from 4Com import Alexander Golembek as Alex
Little joke... In fact, I am an original import from old 4Com times: I started my apprenticeship on 01.08.2019 – and so I simply transitioned to VIER.

You are VIER IT System Specialist – what are you doing?

After my apprenticeship, I was hungry for something completely new: Container Orchestration. I was tasked with evaluating products for their potential suitability for the new VIER platform. Soon, my first big test phase with real VIER products and larger workloads will start!

What do you particularly like about your job?

The lack of monotony! I am a person who cannot always do the same three things every day. There always has to be something new and it will probably never be enough. So I am happy to be part of this project. I can test, build and try – you could even say puzzle. I like linking what I have already learned with new things and tackling problems.

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you in your work?

Since this is my first serious job, I don't have any professional experience. But that's exactly what distinguishes me: I want to learn and try everything, much to the dismay of my parents, friends and partner. Sometimes I disappear into my home lab for days on end and work with a new technology. I have server after server at home, and sometimes there's a lot of cable clutter. But it helps me develop an understanding of concepts and technologies. Just because you pass an exam doesn't make you a good computer scientist. You have to tweak, screw or even shut down the internet for hours (apologies to mum and dad!). Hopefully my new server cabinet will slow me down a bit, because everything that doesn't fit in there has to go.

Do you think about what your life will be like in 10 years?

My answer to that is a clear "Yes and no". I do have dreams and wishes, but I never write them down so firmly that I am disappointed when things turn out differently. After my apprenticeship, for example, I wanted to go to university, and I had even done a super vocational baccalaureate at the same time as my apprenticeship. But life intervened: I met my current partner Lea, who unfortunately lived 350 kilometres away. Change of plans: postpone my studies until later, start working full-time for VIER, move into a shared flat and take a holiday in Italy in between! You shouldn't plan your life strictly, that doesn't work. I do have goals, but not a fixed schedule. And in my experience, dreams and wishes never go bad. You want to have your dream car by the time you're 20. Not possible yet? Doesn't matter! You'll be just as happy about it when you're 30 – whether it's still the same model is another matter.

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