Diana Graf, VIER Technical Writer

"We are VIER!" Today: Diana Graf, VIER Technical Writer

Diana Graf tells us what she deals with every day as a technical writer.

Hello Diana, since when have you been part of VIER?

In January 2019, I joined 4Com for an internship - and since April 2020, I have been a permanent crew member of the VIER-o-nauts' rocket!

You are a VIER technical writer - what work do you do?

One of the main tasks of our technical writing team is to write technical documentation for our software products. We ensure that the software users use the VIER products correctly by means of the online help and the operating instructions. Translating also falls into our area of work. Among other things, I am responsible for translation management and the internationalisation of our products.

What do you particularly like about your job?

First of all, I would like to mention my team and my colleagues! There is also a colourful bouquet of varied tasks. I am still relatively at the beginning of my professional career and am therefore all the more grateful that I get to work with different colleagues from different teams every day. This challenges me every time to think outside the box and to broaden my horizon.

What experience or skills from previous jobs help you in your work?

My passion for travelling is definitely an advantage when it comes to putting myself in other people's shoes. Especially when writing for different target groups, it is important to have knowledge of human nature and to be aware of cultural differences. I also like to work in a structured and organised way. This helps a lot when it comes to presenting information in a target group-oriented way.

What was your best holiday experience?

Oh, there are many, because I love to travel. But I particularly enjoyed a round trip through Florida in 2020 that a friend and I took after I finished my studies. We took a side trip to the Bahamas and visited the famous "Exuma Swimming Pigs" on the island of Big Major's Cay. They are fed by tourists and swim around in the water all day long, relaxing on the beach and letting the sun shine on their bellies. Swimming with these pigs and some of the resident nurse sharks has left a deep impression on me. Fortunately, all my fingers are still attached ;-)

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