"We are VIER!" – Hamdi Bozkurt
Hamdi Bozkurt, VIER Customer Success Manager

„We are VIER!“ Today: Hamdi Bozkurt, VIER Customer Success Manager

What does Hamdi Bozkurt actually do as Customer Success Manager at VIER? We asked him in an interview!

Hello Hamdi, since when have you been part of VIER?
Hello, I've been with VIER for a little over a year and a half now. I officially started on 01.05.2022. But I was already able to take part in our "Base Camp" at the end of April, three days before I began. That made my start much easier, as I was already able to get to know all my colleagues.

You are a Customer Success Manager – what does your daily work look like?
I am the first point of contact for our/my customers. I answer commercial enquiries from customers myself; if they are more technical in nature, I coordinate with the specialist departments. I regularly communicate with my customers online or sometimes on site, inform them about news and changes and listen to their wishes. Of course, I try to implement them. I also present new products to customers and show them the challenges that our great products and solutions can solve for them before going into more technical detail.

What do you particularly like about your job?
Definitely the interaction with the customers. I have a very good relationship with most of them. For me, it always has to be a partnership. It's a give and take. We try to make the customer more successful with our innovative solutions and that, in turn, makes us a successful and great company. I also really enjoy the communication with my colleagues and departments. So I really like working with people. But the daily challenges and questions from customers about our really deep technical products also present me with challenges that I would like to solve myself from time to time. It doesn't always work, but I try to learn every day and grow with my experiences.

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you in your work?
During my training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant, I often had to work in warehouses. That shaped me for life. I know what it means to have to work physically hard. After my apprenticeship and before my time at VIER, I worked for a Swedish company that had nothing to do with IT. I held various positions in service there and that helps me a lot in my current job. Constant and proper communication with people and working as a service provider is in my blood. Even and especially when things aren't going so well and the customer is unhappy. It is important to me to deal well with people.

Do you need some time and an alarm clock in the morning or do you wake up by yourself and are immediately alert?
I'm definitely a person who needs some time and a few "snoozing moments" during the week to wake up. The first step is to go to the kitchen to switch on my portafilter machine. It needs some time to heat up. After getting dressed and brushing my teeth, I take our dog out for an hour. Back at home, I need a nice cappuccino – then the day can start!!!